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Being Stung By Expectations

How Not To Get Stung

How Not To Get Stung

Experiencing disappointment, being let down and not respected are difficult events to deal with. Our ego, our pride and our sense of self gets battered and stung. What I find laying behind these hurtful emotions are expectations.

I thought for sure they would call me back. I couldn’t wait to receive that email or letter letting me know my work was appreciated — that I was valued. I ‘expected’ all these things to happen, because “they said they would.” And, when the expectations are not fulfilled we step into a beehive of hurt, pain and disappointment.

In Alcoholics Anonymous this is referred to as “We’re not in the outcome business.” It’s true. We can do all the planning we want. We can give until it hurts, but we cannot control the outcome – what actually happens in the end.

So what am I still learning? Watch where you step. And, recalling my days from multilevel marketing – let it go. SOME WILL. SOME WON’T. NEXT.

Put your best self out there. Give it away and expect nothing in return. In those rare occasions when someone does follow through – man, does that feel good!