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One Moment Please

Moments in Life

The Fun, the Meaningful, the Unexpected

Is what we think important in life, truly important? Or, are we missing life found in the simple, the pure, and the everyday? In “One Moment Please” Tim Cusack captures moments in life—the funny, the meaningful and the unexpected—the moments that make life what it is. You’ll laugh; you’ll cry; and you’ll ask for “One MORE moment, please!”

This memorable keynote dares participants to make the most out of life. Tim’s humorous and poignant style of stories mixed with improvisation demonstrates what the human spirit is capable of. Be inspired to take some risks, have some fun and learn to make the most of your moments!


Leadership, Communication, Soft Business Skills

  • Shows participants ways of asking for help which leads to a healthier workplace
  • Opens employees to diversity
  • Improves interpersonal communication skills
  • Teaches participants to recognize what’s right so they can fix what’s wrong
  • Helps participants to embrace change

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Tim’s programs can be modified to meet your needs. He can provide workshops and seminars. Just ask!