TimCusack.com: The Other Bottom Line

The Other Bottom Line

The Human Side of Business

Creating a Culture of Care and Wellness in Your Organization

There’s a line that adds up to make an organization profitable, sustainable. Then there’s the other line—the people that make that profit possible. The ’Other Bottom Line’ provides the audience with the human perspective on building a healthy work culture. This talk focuses on the people; on their health; and on their attitudes.

Tim delivers practical ways to implement methods of taking care of employees, building leaders, and managing business relationships. Tim uses a variety of exercises to demonstrate the importance of keeping the human side of corporate culture healthy, honest and open.

This program involves participation and FUN.


Leadership, Communication, Soft Business Skills

  • Reminds leaders that asking for help is productive and builds respect and trust.
  • Demonstrates how leaders need to care for themselves to better care their team members.
  • Develops an attitude of appreciation among co-workers/team members.
  • Builds a more caring and service-oriented workplace.

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