TimCusack.com: The Science of Happy

The Science of Happy

Do you ever wonder what makes us happy? What doesn’t make us happy? Why some people are happier than others? Why happiness matters in the workplace and at home? There is a growing body of significant research on who is happy and why. In this presentation, Tim takes you through some of the findings that many have found to be surprising, unexpected, and compelling!

In one of Tim’s most requested keynotes, discover FIVE core components to happiness; and, why happier people are better workers, more productive and have healthier relationships.


Leadership, Team Building, Soft Skills

  • Find the 5 core components of happiness
  • Learn why happier people are better workers
  • Motivate┬áparticipants to make small changes to improve their lives
  • Rediscover what truly makes us happy

If you would like to discover the four words King Solomon experienced that make SAD PEOPLE HAPPY AND HAPPY PEOPLE SAD call or email Tim.