TimCusack.com: Who Are You, Really?

Who Are You, Really?

Using Humor and Beliefs to Impact Leadership

This presentation demonstrates the ‘social brain’ and reminds us of how powerful and contagious our work attitudes are. Each day that we show up to work we have an opportunity to impact the world around us in positive ways and make a difference in people’s lives. Through humor and stories, backed by research, Tim illustrates ways of taking risks, staying positive and healthy—physically, mentally, and emotionally—in high pressured environments.


Leadership  Communication Collaboration

  • Motivates people to change in small ways that can make a big difference
  • Uses brain science for practical techniques on handling stress, relationships and sleep
  • Teaches how to be creative with team work and collaboration
  • Challenges participants to take risks on working differently and growing personally
  • Shows why both males and females agree that communication is the #1 issue and…   If there’s time:
  • Mindfulness, vulnerability and happy thoughts

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