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Professional Development

Professional Development to Improve Leadership, Team Building and Soft Skills

Tim consults with your organization for on-going professional development, or he can design a workshop for you. Organizations bring him in regularly to do the following:

  • Keep goals of organizational culture alive and thriving
  • Remind leaders to stay attuned to their teams’ needs
  • Energize customer service
  • Reward employees for dedicated service
  • To have fun and shake things up:  a team that plays together, stays, together.

Why ‘spectate’ when you can participate?

This part of professional development is not “sit and get.” Tim believes in participation, group interaction and problem solving for these three reasons:

1.  A group of people in a room is a whole lot smarter than any “one” person in a room. By sharing our thoughts and ideas we all learn from each other in addition to discovering our best solutions.

2.  Studies show that participating in an activity stimulates the brain, increasing retention of information.

3.  Promoting healthy group interaction increases creativity, problem solving (collaboration) and the genius of them all – INTUITION.

Tim has worked with some of the best in the business:

  • Paul Sills (founder of Second City)/Viola Spolin (Paul Sills’ trainer)
  • BizFutures Training  at the Pike Place Fish Market, Seattle
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
  • American Red Cross Disaster Relief Training
  • Dr. Ted Klontz, The Psychology of Behavioral Change
  • The Flippen Group Leadership Series
  • Thomas Moore, New England Educational Group
  • Hospice of Michigan Training

Tim creates professional development programs that strengthen your organization’s culture.

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