TimCusack.com: Reviews


Here is a small sample of testimonials from people who have seen Tim’s keynotes or hired him to speak.

“Lots of speakers can tell stories, but Tim has this unique way of getting at the heart of things. He tells great stories. He is terribly funny, and he has profound insights. It all adds up to something more – something that matters and stays with you long after he’s done speaking.”

Rob Bell, NY Times Best Selling Author

“My staff was wonderfully energized by your humor, stories, compassion and team-building. My staff seemed amazingly willing to accept new ideas following your time with us. You have a unique and special ability to combine humor with hard hitting applications that move your audience to action.”

J. Gregory Ford, OD, Managing Partner, West Michigan Eyecare

“I heard rave reviews from those who attended your sessions, not at all surprising considering that your presentation moved me to tears. I want everyone to have the benefit of hearing your unique and inspiring use of ‘humor’ that touches the heart.”

Dr. Betty L. Siegel, President Emeritus, Kennesaw State University

“I have hired Tim on several different occasions. I find him to be very professional, on-point, and a very funny guy. Consider yourself lucky if you can get Tim to work for you.”

Matt Hanlon, Regional President, Citadel Broadcasting

“Our corporate event went off big! Tim really connected us with some basic human values, without us knowing it, because we were laughing and enjoying your style so much! You engaged us personally and corporately. A terrific presentation offering rich, satisfying value to everyone! He’s one funny, entertaining guy.”

Jeff Rost, VP Finance, Cedar Valley Corp, IA

“Tim has great talent. His humor, quick wit, professionalism and knack for ad-libs make him a favorite at Meijer.”

Marketing and Advertising, Meijer, Inc.

Tim was incredible. I walked away with multiple practical ideas to use with my team. No PowerPoint, no manual, just real concrete ways to engage my team. The seminar was so packed with good stuff, I don’t think I put my pen down.

Jonathan Dewey, Branch Manager, Fifth Third Bank

“I don’t know if anyone can tell a story like Tim can. His ability to use humor and energy, yet apply it to our work needs was very valuable.”

EDS, Customer Service Technologies

“You made the evening! Very funny indeed. The governance fellows gave you resounding and unanimous ‘five out of five’ excellent marks. Your message was on point. Everyone sat up and took note, while enjoying themselves.”

Marlene Hulteen, CAE, Corporate Vice President
Michigan Health & Hospital Association

“Feedback from your workshop was excellent! And your opening address was a tremendous way to kick off this year’s event.”

FOCUS Corporate Education and Training

“Everyone felt this was the best presentation we’ve had! Great job. You hit my expectations and really got people thinking. I couldn’t be happier.”

Craig Smith, Vice President, Workstage LLC