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Be My Guest…Only If You Want To

I just posted the seventh episode of my YouTube show, “Be My Guest, Let’s Chat.” I take a different approach to the typical, in-your-face street interview. Instead of attacking an innocent pedestrian’s personal space with an intimidating microphone and cameraman in tow, I simply sit on a stool in front of a comfortable blue banner that says ”Be My Guest, Let’s Chat.”

Every guest thus far has freely occupied the empty stool next to me, not knowing what we’ll be chatting about. Why is this? Curiosity? Looks like fun? An opportunity to perform? Hoping that this is my big break? Just taking a risk?

I’ve found all of the above to be true. We all want to be special. We always have. From our earliest memories to the present day, each of us at some point has said, “Look at me!” That’s why millions of people watch reality TV shows. Because, to some, degree we can visualize ourselves racing around the world, singing in front of judges, or making duck calls in the swamp.

My reality show simply creates a chance for anyone who wants to Be My Guest” to be seen, be heard and be a little special. Enjoy the show!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6icS569qceILet's Chat