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Grabbing Your Heart and Mind…in Sixty Seconds

The majority of TV and radio ads are made in blocks of 30 or 60 seconds. Depending on the entertainment level, an ad can last forever or fly by in a flash. A dumbed-down, idiotic 60-second radio ad can feel like several hours. However, a well written and produced ad with funny and meaningful moments can be extremely captivating, grabbing your attention and making 60 seconds feel like 10.

An example of a powerfully emotional ad experience is the Chrysler Super Bowl commercial from two years ago. The unheard of two-minute ad for the Chrysler 200, starring the rapper Eminem, was so well written and produced that over 16 million YouTube viewers wanted to watch A TV AD again and again. The emotional appeal was so strong that seeing it once was not enough.

On the flip side of pulling heart-strings is the Australian-accented, Geico gecko talking about car insurance. This series of ads has been so appealing that when I’ve found myself in the company of a real lizard, I expect it to stand on hind legs and talk to me – like an old friend. The Geico gecko is akin to a real person and now a media personality. If he were lecturing, I’d go hear him speak.

The next time you need an a radio, TV or Internet ad be sure to keep it meaningful or fun – or both. But, as they say in the biz, “Keep it real!”

Listen to this wild 60-second spot for Freewheeler Wheeler Bike Shop written and produced by Tim Cusack.