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What Kind of Day: Last or First?

My good friend Dr. Ted Klontz reminded me there are different ways of approaching your day – positive or negative, open minded or closed minded, fresh or stale.  So how do you start your day?

You’ve heard the supposedly inspiring phrase “Live each day as if it’s your last.” Well, did you? Have you? Lived each day as if it’s your last? What did you do differently? How did your daily behavior change? How did it change your relationship with loved ones, or people you just met? Did you wake up in the morning thinking, “This is my last day on earth. I’m going to die sometime today?” Did you bother even getting out of bed?

Maybe this is not so inspiring after all – not so motivating to fire you up to live your best life for today. In reality it’s a little sad; a little dark, because we don’t want to die. Every gene, every cell in our body wants to live!

Try this phrase instead: “Live each day as if it’s your first!” Oh yeah, you’re a three-year-old again. You wake up to a new world, wide open with curiosity, wonder and full of energy to find something new this day. (What would happen if I put this bug in my mouth?) And, the best part – you don’t have to have the answers to everything, but you’re full of the question, “Why?” You’re open to learning new things, to understanding without judgment, bias or prejudice – a life filled with potential and endless possibilities.  What about that…..

Good Morning Bunny

Good Morning Bunny