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Life Matters Now

Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Corporate Entertainer

Tim has entertained and touched thousands over 25 years of speaking, training, and working with some of the largest organizations and corporations in the world. From the classroom to the boardroom Tim creates an interactive, inclusive experience that is unique to each audience. His keynotes and workshops are humorous and energizing—connecting organizations one individual at a time. Using his rare ability to relate to large groups of people on a personal level, Tim collaborates with you to build more genuine leadership, stronger teams and healthier communication into your organization’s culture.

Clients report that Tim’s ability to customize programs make him a stand out among speakers and trainers.

Tim combines powerful stories with current research to deliver a funny and profound message. The ultimate goal of his presentations is to lead people to personal insights that help them live happier, healthier and more productive lives. It all adds up to something more, something that stays with you long after he’s done speaking.

$$: Money Issues?

Tim realizes you have a budget. We all do (or we should). He’s open to talking with you about your needs. Just call 616-774-7166.


WHAT IS IT?   For anyone developing a speech, keynote, a presentation or marketing proposal; pitching to investors or customers, writing a book, song or a new way to save the world. Even fixing a comedy bit! HOW DOES IT WORK?  Folks will take turns presenting to group and then will receive feedback. WILL IT HURT?  Maybe. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. WILL IT BE FUN? YES! DO I HAVE TO PARTICIPATE? No, come see if it’s something you need. CAN I RECORD MYSELF? Yes, good idea! WHEN:     Tuesday, February 10 and Tuesday February 24 TIME:        7:00 P.M. – 9:30 P.M. WHERE:   The B.O.B. 3rd Floor                        LIMITED SEATING!!! COST: $15 in advance         $25 at the door Call or …

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