Get To Know Tim

Keynotes and Workshops Designed to Enhance Happiness and Well-Being, Curated From A Lifetime of Experiences

Improving Engagement, Culture, Communication, Retention, and Happiness.

Get To Know Tim

Keynotes and Workshops Designed to Enhance Happiness and Well-Being, Curated From A Lifetime of Experiences

Improving Engagement, Culture, Communication, Retention, and Happiness.

Let’s not forget that small emotions are the great captains of our lives.

– Vincent Van Gogh

My passion for helping people came about very organically.

Being child number 3 out of 10 and growing up on a beef farm, working and being helpful was part of everyday life. Our parents modeled for us what it means to come from a humble environment, but still make a difference in people’s lives.

Unfortunately, I had an undetected learning disability (dyslexia) and struggled academically K-12, subsequently graduating high school illiterate. Lacking these basic skills, I bounced from job to job for two years until finally landing at Grand Valley State. They had a remediation program for students like me, and after several years they let me out.

I know what it means to need help. Because of my struggles, disappointments, and lack of self worth, I became an advocate for all those who feel lost, hopeless, and struggle with life. That’s why I studied Psychology, trained, and became a Hospice volunteer, a Crisis phone line helper, a member of Red Cross Disaster Relief, and a member of the Midwest Michigan Critical Incident Stress Management Team, where we debrief groups of people who have experienced emotional tragedies.

On the flip side of working in crisis mode, I use my background in stand-up and improvisational comedy throughout my work. We know that when people are laughing, their heart, soul, and mind are wide open for healing and change. I’ve learned how to help people limit regrets, be honest, and open emotional doors, so you can spend time with your soul.

I come from a really big family!

Tim’s immediate family, siblings, in-laws, and their children.

Bissell Pet Foundation Fundraiser

“Tim has great talent. His humor, quick wit, professionalism and knack for ad-libs make him a favorite at Meijer.”

“Everyone felt this was the best presentation we’ve had! Great job. You hit my expectations and really got people thinking. I couldn’t be happier.”

How I’m (Sometimes) Introduced:

“Our speaker today, Tim Cusack, wants you to know how similar you are to him, so let’s get started! At times he gets a little overwhelmed with bad news in the world, he pumps his own gas, cooks a lot of meals, and vacuums at home.

Probably not similar, Tim grew up on the family farm, 1 of 10 kids, he failed 1st grade, wrote a best selling book, became a voice talent in radio and TV commercials and worked on fishing boats in Alaska, aka “Deadliest Catch.”

He’s also a volunteer on a crisis team and was with Hospice care team. Like all of you, he’s a multimillionaire, but at the moment, he can’t FIND his bitcoins!

Welcome, Tim”

Professional Training

  • Grand Valley State University, BS Psychology
  • Flippen Group: Leadership Series – Human Performance, Capturing Kids Hearts, Process Champions
  • BizFutures: Leadership Training at the world famous Pike Place Fish Market, Seattle, WA
  • National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine: Positive Psychology
  • New England Educational Institute: Thomas Moore on Spirituality in Psychotherapy
  • The Healing Power of Compassion Training, Sogyal Rinpoche
  • Community Mental Health Crisis Phone Line Training
  • Hospice of Michigan Training
  • Red Cross Disaster Relief Training
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training
  • Suicide Prevention Training
  • Psychodrama Training: Pine Rest Christian Hospital, Onsite Treatment Center
  • Trained with Paul Sills, Founder of Second City

Some of Tim’s Clients

Some of Tim’s Programs

If you’re looking for a CANNED program, I don’t have one.

All of my work is customized to fit the unique needs for your organization.

A: For small or large groups, this is an overview of how our personal psychology, and our emotional well-being, plays a major role in our daily lives. Using research, Brain Sciences, and case studies along with some fun, you will have practical tools to take away that will enrich both your professional and personal life.

A: Unlike a Keynote, where I talk and you listen, people participate in small groups using handouts, role-playing, and exercises that create strategies everyone can take back and implement immediately. Workshops can take place anywhere from one hour to two days, it’s entirely up to you.

A: It can be for some people. However, when we push through fears and our vulnerabilities, that is when personal growth happens. As Dr. Brene Brown says, “showing up when you have no control over the outcome takes courage.”

A: NO! It can be therapeutic, and we’ve found that sometimes people have profound insights into their own needs and personal constraints, which are holding them back from being the person they want to be. This is very cool when it happens!

A: Yes! Are you kidding me? We humans are so complicated, confused, and overwhelmed.. how can it not be fun?

A few questions for you.


Let me guess, you love spending time with the people you love, doing activities you love, being outside in nature, and exercising! Am I right?

My goal is to help you keep this part of you alive and well in both your Professional and your Personal life. Cheers to your happiness and well-being.